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13 Female Photographers that will Thrive in 2022

13 Female Photographers that will Thrive in 2022

As Women’s History Month draws to an end, we want to close out by sharing female photographers that will thrive in 2022. From portrait to wildlife, we’ve hand-picked a diverse group of photographers that we believe deserve the spotlight. We’ve previously published each photographer in the article, so we can confidently say that we’ve fully bought into their photographic identities. Let’s take a look.

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Stacy Piotti is One of The Stand Out Female Photographers

Stacy Piotti is a cyanotype photographer that uses a camera like no other. “I got to thinking about the common saying, ‘That looks like it was taken with a potato,” she told us earlier this year. She ran with that concept and turned Mr. Potato Head into a camera! Gimmick aside, Piotti creates terrific images that wouldn’t look out of place in the early days of photography. We enjoy seeing someone bring old-school feels to the modern era. Take a look here.

Ada Maria is One of The Female Photographers Using Illusion

Ada Maria’s work feels like an optical illusion when we consume it. From light painting to multiple exposures, Maria uses all the left-field techniques to help her photography stand out from the pack. She isn’t, however, doing it for the sake of being different. Her work is of the highest quality, and she’s found a niche that makes her photographs glue to your mind. Take a look here.

Ragaina Loves is One of The Female Photographers Using Lomography

Fans of Lomography will adore the work given to the world by Ragaina Loves. It seems Lomography has shifted from being a product and morphed into something more; a movement. Loves work certainly belongs at the forefront of the Lomography movement. Her multiple exposures offer their different themes and have different stories to tell. Fans of the process can enjoy more of her work here.

Marina LaBaff is One of The Female Photographers Empowering Women

Boudoir photography always generates different opinions in the photo community. Is it sexual or sensual? Is it objectifying or empowering? The photographer Marina LaBaff hasn’t got time to get lost in such debates and instead focuses on doing boudoir photography in a way that suits her and her subjects. Her objective is clear: make women feel good about themselves through the power of photography. And what she does is working to great effect. You can see how content her subjects are in front of her lens. Take a look here.

Jovana Rikalo is One of The Female Photographers Creating Fantasies

Aside from the end product, Jovana Rikalo uses photography to steady her mind. “I am very nervous when not taking photos,” she told us. We’re thrilled it gives her peace of mind, as it means we get to enjoy creations that are full of fantasy. Her images take a lot of time and planning, and the execution isn’t quick either. The good news is that it’s worth the efforts from all involved, as Rikalo has a collection of dreamy images that we can all admire. Take a look here.

Tiff J Tiff Sutton is One of The Female Photographers Documenting Black Women

Tiff J Tiff Sutton first appeared on the site in February this year. Her unique approach to portraiture and her attitude towards the craft gripped us. “I create portraits of Black women that begin as figurative and turn into abstract,” she told us. Sutton decided to exclusively focus her lens on black females. When asked why, she explained:

“I moved to shoot exclusively Black women because I am committed to creating artwork with Black bodies. I want girls who go to Art Museums to see a variety of women on the walls. Women that look like them, women that look different, and women who aren’t all nude. It’s about being culturally diverse, and I want to contribute to making that happen.”

You can see more of Sutton’s work here.

Alessa Grande is One of The Female Photographer’s Pushing Boundaries

Alessa Grande describes herself as an artist-photographer. She works on projects that challenge social norms, ask people to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, and demands you review how you see the world. Her thoughtful mind leads to gentle but risque images while also giving you plenty to consider. Grande is incredibly talented, and we expect big things from her in 2022. Take a look at her work here.

Elena Helfrecht is One of The Female Photographers Taking Risks

Plexus is a series created and executed by Elena Helfrechy. A lot of her imagery is abstract and certainly makes you look twice. She explained in an interview with The Phoblographer, “I somehow see Plexus as a portrait project – a portrait of what has faded, and what is still lingering.” On the topic in general, Helfrecht describes Plexus as “…a photographic case study based on still lifes that emerge from inherited trauma and postmemory, exploring the family as an essential contributor to psychological and cultural processes across history.” Take a look here.

Carolin Unrath is One of The Female Photographers Blending Environments

The photographer Carolin Unrath takes two environments–one natural and one made by humans–and blends them together to see the results. Not only do her amazing photographs document surfers in the waves, they also take surfers and put them in the subway. She combines chaos and tranquility and sees which wins the emotional war when presented to the public. How the images impact you is personal, you can find out here.

Lanna Apisukh Shoots Film Photography for The New York Times

For most photographers, being published in The New York Times would be a dream come true. Lanna Apisukh’s talents landed her the big gig! Her film photography shows what good photojournalism is all about: real stories with real people. There’s nothing flash or fancy about her work. She’s doesn’t need to be as she can evoke reaction and response through simply documenting what she sees. Her eye for a story and strong imagery leaves us with no doubt she has a long career–and many more publications–ahead of her. See her work here.

Anna Laza Creates Stunning Human Landscapes

Is it possible that a stunning mountain and a beautiful person can be the same thing? Don’t be too quick to say no, as the photographer Anna Laza proves it’s possible. Her stunning human landscapes take the human form and turn it into something new. On her motivation, Laza told The Phoblographer, “This project is homage to my grandmother who wasn’t into art, but taught me love and being attentive to others.” You’ll enjoy consuming this series of images, and you can do so here.

Aline Smithson Brings You “Hollywood at Home”

Aline Smithson is a Hasselblad Heroine, an award she received due to creations with the Hasselblad 503C. She’s very deserving of the accolade, as her film photography is stylish, full of alt-fashion, and has that larger-than-life Hollywood feel. Smithson’s works focus on celebrity and aim to peel the facade and show the viewer a glips of reality. Take a look here.

Carolina Fraser is a Fine Art Wildlife Photographer

Carolina Fraser was obsessed with National Geographic when she was younger. She used that obsession as fuel to develop her career in photography. That fuel certainly started creative fires, as her wildlife photography is some of the best we’ve seen in some time. Imagine what would happen if you put the classiness of fine art in the same room as the unpredictability of nature. Think no more; the results are here.

Final Thought

We adore all the above photographers. Please show your support by clicking on each of their interviews to learn more about who they are and the work they create.

Which is your favorite photographer from this selection? Which female photographer not included do you think has a bright 2022 ahead of them? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Lead image by Carolina Fraser. All images used with permission.